Why is Remodeling Stressful? And How to Enjoy the Process

No matter how big or small the project is; remodeling your home can be a stressful experience. You likely are already aware of this, even if you have yet to experience a remodel. But what exactly is it about a remodeling project  that can cause anxiety and what can we do to alleviate your concerns?

remodelingUnclear Budget

An unclear budget is one of the most common stressors in remodeling your home. Whether the lack of clarity is between you and your spouse or you and the contractor, being unsure of how much money is being spent can make anyone nervous.   

The best way to combat this is by upfront communication and transparency. Sit down with your partner and hammer out a clear budget you’re both comfortable with. Once you have done that   and are ready to begin, talk to your contractor and explain your budgetary allowances and any concerns you may have. There’s an erroneous misconception that you should hold your budget close to your chest when dealing with contractors, however  they can only keep you within budget if they have all the information. You should not be working with a contractor you do not trust implicitly. 

renodelingDisagreements with Spouse

On the topic of spouses, stress within your relationship is a natural cycle of life. That doesn’t mean remodeling has to put unnecessary pressure on you and your partner. Disagreements on style, design, and layout can be l issues that couples may deal with  during the remodeling process. To avoid this additional stress,  we recommend planning with your partner before hiring a contractor. 

Using Houzz or Pinterest  can help you both determine and agree on your style preferences.  Even if you should disagree, this phase of the remodeling process can help reduce any apprehension  and creates a safe space where you can talk these details out and find solutions that you are both happy with.. 

Crazy Schedule and Routines Disrupted

Whether you are someone who wakes early ready to face the day, or you prefer to sleep in and take your mornings slow, we all have routines that make us feel relaxed and safe. Unfortunately, remodeling your home can disrupt all of your customary habits. Even though you’re likely aware of this, realistically, it can still cause irritation and stress during the process. 

Take breaks and practice self-care to reduce the disruption  as much as possible. For example, if it’s hard to cook without full access to your kitchen, treat yourself to dinner out periodically.   If your bathroom is out of order, you might schedule a spa day to help relax and de-stress.   We recommend preparing for these issues and adding these to the remodeling budget or asking friends to host you more often. 

remodelingLack of Communication with Your Contractor

Not knowing what’s happening with your project can also cause unneeded anxiety.  . For example, if you’re expecting a craftsman to be at your home, and  they don’t show up; or alternatively, you weren’t aware  they were coming, and suddenly there are workers in your home, it can be very disconcerting.  

When interviewing contractors be sure to get clear answers on how they intend to keep you in the loop.An open and transparent communication system is vital and might want to consider another option if they don’t have  a plan for getting in touch with  you for every possible situation. You’ll also want to know who to contact if you have questions. Playing phone tag and calling someone who doesn’t  have the answers you need wastes your time and can be  exasperating.

Unrealistic Expectations

Watching shows on HGTV is a great way to expose yourself to new styles and get some ideas for your remodel. However, these “made for TV” segments are totally unrealistic in giving you an accurate picture of  what it’s really like to remodel your home. The timelines are skewed, the worksites are often staged, and all the small things that can make a project go awry  are glazed over with TV magic. 

Be prepared and  do not hesitate to ask your contractor lots of questions about your project and the full construction/remodel undertaking.. If they have clear communication, they can walk you through the process and tell you precisely what you can expect every step of the way. That way, , unexpected changes or adjusted timelines can be gracefully handled with proper procedures in place.

remodelingAbsence of Sanctuary 

 Home is our safe place, where we unwind, relax, and spend time with our family. Remodeling, and the disruption it inevitably brings, along with having craftsmen in your home can take away  that  feeling of sanctuary your home typically provides. This puts most people on edge and creates underlying stress even when the project goes smoothly. 

If you feel the remodel is making you over-anxious, schedule a short trip during the the remodeling process. A weekend trip can do wonders to give everyone involved a break from the chaos that is a home remodel. 

There’s no getting around the fact that even the most successful remodeling project   can create upheaval within your home. However, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience.  With these tips and suggestions,  we hope you can find tranquility  and enjoy your project from start to finish.   It’s exciting to create a home that is unique to you, and we don’t want stress to ruin that experience for our clients.