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A Professional Designer Can Help You Do This, Not That

At some point, homeowners considering a remodeling project are likely to become overwhelmed. The reality of picking all the finishes and colors that go into a project can feel daunting. Having the help of a Professional Designer can relieve that stress, but it may also bring on some added concerns. Let’s investigate how you can make this relationship successful for you, your Designer,  and your project.

professional designerGet to Know Yourself

Part of the struggle with communicating with any professional is communicating in a way that gets your point across clearly so that everyone is on the same page.  With designing, this starts from the beginning when you share your goals with your designer. Doing so correctly will allow your designer help you find the perfect selections and finishes for your home.

We suggest you start by taking a little extra time to identify your style preferences. Depending on how much research you have already done, this step can save you both a considerable amount of time and miscommunication in the end. Check out our post about using Houzz to figure out your style. 

Your Style, Not Theirs

Over the years, one of the biggest concerns we have heard is the worry that an interior designer will push their own tastes and ideas into the project. Many designers have big personalities, which makes them good at what they do, yet a good designer will also listen and guide you to the perfect outcome, based on your personal needs and style. If you are concerned they might be too insistent on their own styling ideas, be sure to discuss it with your designer upfront and let them know how you feel. Knowing you have these concerns will help them be aware of your feelings and respectful of your thoughts throughout the project. An experienced and professional designer will listen to your thoughts and ideas and help you achieve the style and design that fits your unique aesthetic and lifestyle. When it is all said and done, it is your home, and you are the one that should love living in it – and they can help you achieve that goal.

professional designerTrust the Professional

This brings us to our next point – professional trust. There may be times when you need help in understanding why your designer is making a specific suggestion. Maybe a single item  they are suggesting  is just not sitting right with you, but they are convinced it is the right choice.   Now is the time to discuss the selection, while trying to look at the bigger picture. Designers have the ability to see the entire completed project before it’s built. Your project is the sum of all of its parts and being able to see this can be difficult for the layperson with no professional design experience. For example, one item can look different viewed alone than when it is grouped with other finish selections. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, but with good communication you can achieve a comfort level with your designer allowing them the space to do what they excel at.  Just be sure to have an honest conversation about your misgivings so that you can understand their reasoning behind certain decisions and you can feel comfortable with them. Remember, your designer is a professional whose goal is always your best interests.

Narrowing Your Focus

With your design style identified and shared with your designer, they can then help you focus on  a smaller number of items that fit your personal taste and eliminate the confusion of hundreds of other less appealing options. This saves you time and energy and reduces that overwhelming feeling you can get walking into a showroom. To learn more about this topic, check out our post about why you need a professional designer

professional designerControlling Your Budget

Regarding the budget, your designer can be a real lifesaver. They know the products inside and out and can help you coordinate  the style that fits within your taste and  budget. 

What they cannot do, however, is make the buying decisions for you. If you want that expensive chandelier, they can tell you it will exceed your budget, but they cannot keep you from buying a chandelier. Always keep in mind that the designer’s job is not just to create a beautiful space with you; it is, more specifically, to create a beautiful space that fits within  the budget you have identified.