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5 Ways To Pick The Perfect Paint Color

Selecting the perfect paint color for your home can be one of the most stressful aspects of remodeling. To alleviate some of that stress, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you successfully choose the ideal color for your home. 

Gather Reference Photos

Before starting a new project or diving into the myriad of choices available,  we suggest first researching inspirational photos.  Scrolling through Pinterest and Houzz or flipping through magazines can help you find the color pallets you’re drawn to. Then, save the photos you like,  and show them to your professional designer. This will enable you to visualize patterns in your personal taste preferences and identify the colors you most like. 

This step also makes it much easier to eliminate large groupings of colors. For example, you might learn that you lean more toward neutrals and avoid bold colors, or the opposite may be true and you find you love the bolder and more vibrant hues.   

paint colorUse the Psychology of Color

There are those who dedicate their lives to the study of color and its effect on the human brain. While that research is fascinating and empowering, there’s a lot to understand. Instead, you can read our post about the psychology of color and how to use it to find the perfect color for your home. 

Learn About Undertones 

A commonly overlooked aspect of selecting colors are the undertones. Since there are so many color options, you might not notice the difference between one shade of blue and the blue right next to it. Paint color displays at your local Sherwin-Williams or Lowes do a great job of organizing the colors in tones and undertones. For example, all warm grays are arranged together, and all reds are separated in shades of pink and orange undertones. 

When standing before those aesthetically pleasing rainbows, be sure  you’re not choosing colors with clashing undertones. This is where a professional designer can be invaluable.  They’ve studied color and will be able to guide you through this process so that you will choose the perfect color for your project.

paint colorEducate Yourself About The Range of White

Choosing the correct shade of white for your home might be a lot more difficult than you would imagine.   For some, it’s easy to see the subtle differences in the color range of whites within the paint samples. For others, it’s nearly impossible. According to Kylie M. Interiors, there are five different types of whites. 

  • bright white
  • soft white
  • warm white
  • cool white
  • true white

Within these five types, there are also different shades and undertones to consider. This might seem a little overwhelming; however, knowing the types and enlisting the help of your designer can help you narrow them down. Additionally, for the best result, , choosing the perfect shade of white to use throughout your home can bring everything together to achieve a more cohesive aesthetic. 

paint colorLook to Your Favorite Items for Inspiration 

Another trick is to look to the items within your home for inspiration. Sometimes a whole room is designed around a single throw pillow, a favorite chair, or even a painting. Choosing paint colors based on items you already have within your decor can help tie everything together or give you access to explore colors you’re already drawn to. 

For example, maybe you’ve already found the perfect rug for your living room. Study the rug and see if any tones, colors, or shades might translate nicely as a wall color. 

It’s not surprising choosing a color for your room is stressful with the staggering amount of options available. Hopefully, these tips can help narrow your choices and with your designer’s help, you can confidently navigate this part of your interior design.