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The Top 6 Ways to Secure Your Home

No one ever expects it to happen to them, but, unfortunately, it sometimes does.  You do not want to regret not having had adequate security measures in the aftermath of a tragic incident.   Securing your home is more than just protecting your valuables from being stolen… There are several ways to protect your family and your home from the myriad of threats they could face. Let’s walk through some of them. 

secure your homeInstall a Security System

Security systems are the first option that most people think of when securing your home. Whether you pay for a service that will come and install cameras and sensors or you decide to purchase a DIY set on Amazon, video cameras can create a safer home. Not only can they record any activity that may occur when you’re sleeping or away from home; more importantly, they will give you peace of mind.Giving the cameras a quick check can allow you to sleep peacefully, knowing you and your family are safe. 

secure your homeGood Locks on Windows

Windows are one of the most popular ways that people can enter your home.  People can just forget  to lock their windows, or the locks just aren’t strong enough to prevent a break-in.   Do a review of your home, double-check that the locks are secure, and if not, definitely consider purchasing newer and stronger ones. This is even more important for ground floor windows and windows with access to your basement.  

Illuminate the Outdoor Spaces

Another important deterrent is to install bright lights near the driveway, shrubbery, or any dark landscape areas. This simple solution will prevent anyone from hiding on your property, Flood lights with motion detectors will illuminate the area when someone or something walks too close. Adding multiple lights around your home to secure all areas is ideal, but focus on points of entry like backdoors, garage doors, and side porches. 

secure your homeSecure the Garage Door

The largest door into your home is actually your garage door and it needs to be secure. Typically, garage doors come with a locking mechanism, but not everyone takes advantage of this feature. If you’re not, it is a good idea to get into the habit of locking the garage door at night and when you’re away from home. Additionally, there are options that allow you to include the garage door in your security system so you  know when the door has been opened and when it’s locked.  You can also conveniently control all these features on your smartphone. 

Invest in a Safe for Valuables

In the event that security systems fail and someone does gain entry into your home, it’s important to have your most valuable possessions in a safe. Home safes come in an extensive range of sizes, and some have features that allow you to lock, unlock, and identify who’s accessing the safe from your smartphone. 

Ideally, you would want a safe that is fireproof and will protect important documents (birth certificates, social security cards, etc.) in the event of a house fire

secure your homeDon’t Forget Your Digital Security

Naturally, you’ll want to keep your physical valuables safe from someone breaking into your home and stealing them, but it’s equally important to protect your digital information   as well. Secure Wifi can protect you from someone hacking into your system and stealing your information. Now that everything is on our computers,  you should definitely consider protecting your information with a secure service like NordVPN and TotalVPN. 

The important thing is to keep   EVERYTHING you love safe with a multilayer security system. Whether you choose to add lights to flood the dark spaces within your landscape, add cameras around the doors to know who’s at your home, or install a security system for your electronic devices, these are six fantastic ways to keep your home, your valuables, your information and your family safe.