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3 Cabinet Door Styles: Which One is Right for You?

Cabinetry is certainly one of the most important aspects of your kitchen or bathroom design. It also can be one of the more complicated choices you will be making. With several factors and elements available, it can take time and effort to make the right choice.  Here, we’ll be discussing one of the first things you’ll have to consider when selecting your cabinetry details. Cabinet overlay refers to how the door of the cabinet sits on the cabinet housing There are three different options available we will explain below.  

cabinet doorThe Standard Cabinet Overlay

This design has the cabinet door sitting on top of the cabinet frame. The standard cabinet overlay is the most cost-effective option. The frame is more visible with this design and is less prevalent in newer kitchens. It also means there is a bar in the middle of cabinets that can inhibit the ability to organize and access the items within the cabinet. 

cabinet doorThe Full Cabinet Overlay

A full overlay has the edge of the door extended almost to the edge of the cabinet. When the two cabinets come together, they almost look like an inset door.  This is a more affordable option for those looking for the inset design, without increasing their budget. However, it usually means you will still have that middle bar of the cabinet frame that can hinder functionality 

cabinet doorA Fully Inset Cabinet 

Most homeowners love the look of a full inset cabinet design due to its sleek design and easy access to the contents of the cabinet. Full Inset cabinets sit flush with the face of the cabinet, creating  a built-in furniture look. Additionally, many cabinet door styles look better with this type of overlay option. The only drawback of this cabinet design is the added cost and is usually the reason some homeowners decide to go with a different option. 

This is just one of the  many details you must consider when designing your kitchen or bathroom. To help you navigate these sometimes complicated choices, we suggest having a skilled professional designer walk you through each step. We would like to assist you in making these important choices.  Contact us today to get started on building your dreams.