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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is undeniably one of the most important rooms of your home. It’s the place where you get ready for the new day and also where you can escape and relax after a hard day.   Since this space must be both functional and also serve as an oasis when needed, we will explain how to avoid some common design mistakes.  

master bathroomFocusing on Trends and Not Your Personal Needs

Trends are a great way to explore and inspire yourself when dreaming about the design of your master bathroom. However, it’s important not to  let those trends overshadow your personal needs or aesthetics. What’s currently “trending” may differ from what is best for your home. For example, moody and dark bathrooms are an up-and-coming trend for 2024. This trend won’t be ideal for you if you struggle to see in lower-light situations. If your mornings are typically hectic and you need basic functionality in your space,  you might want a more brightly lit room. 

master bathroomForgetting the Importance of Lighting

Speaking of lighting, not taking the time to design the perfect lighting for your space is a common mistake. Lighting is crucial and plays a critical role in the success of your bathroom design.   Your choice of lighting fixtures and placement is a necessity for personal grooming and day to day routines.  Alternatively, mood lighting can help you relax in a spa-like atmosphere  or help you transition from sleeping to getting ready for the day. 

master bathroomOverlooking Unique Finishes

Homeowners often choose to use brushed nickel or chrome finishes, but there are many more options that can add personality and unique texture to a space. Matte black is popular in modern farmhouses, but can also look fantastic in a contemporary setting.Take the time to check out all the choices available to you before making your final decision.  While it m

Not Treating Yourself with Fun Luxuries

The bathroom is a space where you can also have fun and add luxuries that aren’t usually available in other areas of the home. For example, heated floors can be an amazing addition and will keep a  wet and cold bathroom stay cozy. There are also many styles of body shower massagers that will definitely take your shower experience to the next level.  These luxuries can be wonderful details to add to your bathroom, but they must be considered early on in the process to ensure they can be incorporated into your design. 

Use these tips to avoid common mistakes when designing your master bathroom and add a bit of personality and luxury to your life. 

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