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Should I Keep A Bathtub In My Master Bathroom?

If you find yourself asking the question, “Do I have to keep a bathtub in my bathroom?” then you might be in the middle of a great tub debate. Many homeowners find themselves wondering what to do about a massive bathtub within their master bathroom, and inevitably the question arises, “Do we have to keep it?” There’s isn’t one perfect answer for everyone, so let’s explore four ways to consider this choice that will help you make the right decision for you and your family.

master bathtubDo You Want One?

This may sound too obvious, but if you’re not a tub person, why spend money on one? We’re not suggesting you throw caution to the wind (see the rest of this blog); we’re just not a fan of encouraging our clients to spend money on a bathtub that you don’t even want and aren’t likely to use. If having a tub sounds like just another thing to keep clean, we suggest to seriously consider getting rid of it.

Still not convinced? Let’s move on to our next consideration.

Do You Have Another One?

If you’re remodeling your master bathroom and have another bathroom in your home with a tub, your decision gets more straightforward. Homeowners who look for tubs in a home they are buying are typically families with young children. Luckily for you, they typically just want a tub, at least somewhere in the house. As long as you do, you should be in the clear to remove the tub in your master bathroom without worrying about resale value.

If you don’t have another tub in your home, and you still want to ditch that big thing in your master bath, there’s still hope.

master bathroom remodelYoung Pro, Empty Nest, or A Place to Raise the Kids?

Take a minute to consider where your home falls in the marketplace. Is it likely that you’d be selling to a family with children? If so, they’re likely to want a tub in the house. However, if it’s more likely that you’ll sell your home to an empty nester or a single person with no kids, it still may be safe to go tub-less.

These, of course, are all speculation, and it really comes down to how much risk you’re willing to take with reducing the resell value. If you’re down to the wire and just can’t decide, our next tip might help. 

Will You Leave a Big Ugly Gap?

Like it or not, some bathroom layouts may look odd without a tub. For example, many bathrooms have large windows situated over the tub area. These expansive windows can make the wall space challenging to use. If you don’t want to get into the work and expenses that go into reworking them, keeping a tub in your bathroom design may be a better choice. 

Maybe the size of your bathroom makes designing it without a tub difficult. Want to make the walk-in-shower bigger? Extend the vanity? Those can be great amenities, but with too much square footage, you could end up with a space that looks awkward and empty. A decorative freestanding tub can be a great way to balance out the room and add an attractive and visually lighter element in these situations.

The debate over “to tub or not to tub” is a different story for every family, and it can be hard to know what to do. These four points are here to bring some clarity and perspective on this decision, but if you need further help with your design or have more questions you can click here to contact us today.

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