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The 9 Most Important Elements of Farmhouse Design You Need for Your Home

The secret to creating a stunning space is the individual choices that make a cohesive design. When designing a new space, it is sometimes easy to get off track by choosing items you like but don’t necessarily align with your design goals. Without realizing it, the initial design concept is muddled and doesn’t achieve your desired overall aesthetic. We’ve created this short guide to help keep you on track and give you the information you need to create your own unique farmhouse design. 

Farmhouse Design 

Modern Farmhouse Design is probably one of the biggest trends within the last ten years. Of course, there have been other new trends recently, but the farmhouse style is a staple. If you’ve watched more than one Fixer Upper episode (or seen their Target collection), it’s likely Joanna Gaines has properly introduced you to this cozy style. With warm colors, inviting layers, and homey details, it’s easy to see why this style has exploded in popularity. So let’s jump in and give you the tools you need to achieve this highly sought-after style for yourself!

farmhouse designColor Pallet

Before planning a wedding or throwing a party, a theme and a color scheme are always chosen first. Designing a kitchen or bathroom is handled the same way. When looking to create a perfect farmhouse kitchen or bathroom design, choose a warm or cool neutral color pallet. Grays, creams, and colors like buttermilk yellow and sage green are perfect for a farmhouse design.

Practicality and the Outdoors

Keep the space as connected to the outdoors as possible; this is essential to farmhouse design. Traditionally, a farmhouse is where farmers live; this lifestyle is all about practicality and the outdoors. Keep that in mind when selecting items for your farmhouse-style home. You might not use the items a farmer would use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate and structure your home around that same concept. For example, an old-fashioned egg crate or milk bottles are excellent decor options!

Textures and Materials

For furniture, ceiling beams, and accent pieces, rough or reclaimed wood is the best option. However, don’t be afraid to mix textures and materials like wood, metals, and even fabrics like canvas, cotton, and wool. Mixing textures will keep the space from looking dull or too modern with the monochromatic color scheme chosen earlier. 

farmhouse designFinishes and Fixtures

Finishes on lighting fixtures and faucets shouldn’t be shiny chrome but should look more aged and worn. This could mean oil-rubbed bronze or a stylish matte black. Adding some industrial touches throughout the space will help you achieve a more modern-focused farmhouse feel. Lighting fixtures and stools are a great way to accomplish this. 


A few cabinet door styles could work in a farmhouse space, but the one most recommended is the Shaker style. Since farmhouse style tends to have a “busy” texture, Shaker-style cabinetry will ground everything with its clean and simple lines. To finish the cabinets, you might want to consider white, a light color, or a stain finish. 

farmhouse designBacksplash and Tile

A very exciting part of this particular design style is tile! Whether it’s a backsplash in a kitchen or shower tile in a bathroom, tile design is vital to cohesively pulling a space together. When it comes to farmhouse style, there are several options to play with. Rectangular tiles laid in the subway style are the perfect addition to a farmhouse kitchen or bathroom. Want to spice it up a bit? Consider a herringbone pattern, or maybe a fun patterned tile. Of course, there is always the option of mixing and matching all these styles together for your own unique finish.   


A marble stone countertop will give that elegant farmhouse feel everyone is dying for. However, if marble’s higher maintenance isn’t the best choice for a busy family, consider quartz with a marble pattern. New manufacturing technologies have enabled quartz to look more like marble than ever before, but without all the maintenance. If you’re able to fit a kitchen island into your design, you might want to try a woodblock for the island counter. Its rustic look and natural patina will go perfectly with the farmhouse style. 

farmhouse designAntiques and Family Touches

Be sure to add in some family antiques around the house as well. The aged wood adds character and interest to a farmhouse space. At the same time, the nostalgia and history behind the pieces will make the space truly unique to you and your family.   Be assured mom and grandma will love seeing their precious items being used. 

The Details

For final touches, add some throw pillows, blankets, and unique cooking utensils on display. These are small ways to add your signature to an already beautiful farmhouse design. Unlike modern designs where clean spaces and no-clutter counters are desired, the farmhouse style embraces the “lived-in” look. 


The main thing to remember when designing a farmhouse space is to keep it natural. Natural-looking woods, colors, materials, and fabrics will keep the area a cozy and inviting feel, which is the goal with farmhouse design and why we love it so much.