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5 Paint Colors To Turn Your Home Into a Dark and Moody Oasis

Interior design trends constantly fluctuate, and staying on top of what’s in style can be challenging.  Just a few years ago, everyone wanted an all-white kitchen,   now darker colors are quickly gaining in popularity.  They Used correctly, the darker hues can  create a dramatic look and feel.  Some homeowners believe using dark colors can make a room feel smaller, or more enclosed and  because of this belief, the use of lighter shades, large windows  and open floor plans has typically been the goal. However, we are now seeing cozier and darker colors trending. 

paint colorsEmerald Green 

Committing to a completely black bathroom might not suit your personal aestheticbut bringing a small amount of a darker color, like emerald green, on an accent wall can add drama to your space.  You can then add some wood details  to bring in some warmth.

paint colorsNavy Blue

Deep or navy blue is a dramatic choice but is still bright enough to keep the space light. You can  try painting the ceiling a dark blue to create a cozy space in a bedroom or living room where relaxation is essential. Another option is bringing in a navy blue cabinet color on the island or on perimeter cabinets. This creates a dynamic and dramatic aesthetic that Is definitely eye-catching.

paint colorsRed Theme

A red theme doesn’t mean that every inch of the space needs to be blood red. There are gorgeous wallpapers with red hued details and deep red flooring that can tie everything together. The contrast of   white tile, tub, and/or cabinets can  keep the space bright while allowing you to explore a darker aesthetic without committing to a totally dark room. 

paint colorsMoody Earth Tones

Earth tones bring a natural and authentic mood  no matter where you apply them. They  work equally well  in a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room. The “zen” feeling people strive for in their home lends itself perfectly to dark greens, browns, and black accents. You’ll always start your day relaxed when surrounded by these earthy colors.

paint colorsAll Black

If you’re ready  for an immersive  dark vibe, you can go with the all-black trend. Highlight the room with detailed lighting, and add a pop of warmth with wood accents. Rugs and fixtures are another great way to add comfort to an all-black space. Bathrooms are a fantastic place to try this out. The hard surfaces will bounce the light well, and you’ll feel cozy in your warm, dark environment.