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10 Unique Storage Options To Help Declutter Your Home

Our homes are filled with all the essential items we need to live happy and healthy lives. Unfortunately, sometimes l those things become messy and cluttered. So how do you keep everything convenient and accessible without feeling like your home is being taken over by stuff? Check out these storage option ideas to help contain the clutter. 

storage option1. Lazy Susans

Who is Susan, and why does she have such a bad rap for being lazy? These little trays on wheels are ideal for keeping everything you need within reach. Using lazy Susan’s in closets, cabinets, and cupboards in the kitchen or bathroom help organize smaller items. For example, consider using a lazy Susan to organize your spices, condiments, and cooking oils in the kitchen and your makeup, lotions, nail polish, etc. in the bathroom. This way  you can find them when you need them without pulling everything out of an overcrowded drawer or cupboard.    

2. Dowel Rod Drawers

This ingenious hack has have become increasingly popular in kitchen remodels within the last several  years. Instead of storing those heavy dishes in an upper cabinet, use a dowel rod drawer to organize them. This keeps them safely within their spot while also reducing the strain of grabbing them from high up and worrying about dropping them. 

The dowel rods can be arranged to suit your specific needs, which is ideal when you splurge on a new set of plates and bowls!

3. Clear Plastic Bins

Most of us have bought a bundle of kale or a head of broccoli,  thrown it in a veggie drawer, and forgotten it. Clear plastic bins in the refrigerator make it much easier to keep everything organized while still visible, so you remember to actually eat that bundle of kale you bought when you were mentally planning those healthier meals.  

Try using smaller containers so you can clean and prep your produce and organize it in a way that suits your specific needs. For example, strawberries that are already washed and placed right in front where you can see their beautiful red color, are much more likely to be eaten than the unwashed strawberries hiding in the back of the drawer.  

storage option4. Matching Containers

We’ve all seen those Youtube videos of perfectly organized pantries where everything is in a labeled mason jar or OXO container. And while it can feel a little overwhelming  to achieve this level of organization, it’s a fantastic way to make all those items more manageable. 

Matching containers in the kitchen pantry or under the bathroom sink allows you to have  the same amount of items, but the overall look is more attractive and much less cluttered. Additionally, being able to clearly see exactly what you have on hand  means less waste. For example, if you can see all the oatmeal, you’ll likely eat it. Or if you know how many face masks you have, you won’t end up buying more, thinking you’re out because you haven’t seen them in a while. 

5. A Tackle Box

The dreaded miscellaneous drawer. We all have one, and it’s probably full of batteries and random items that don’t have a specific home or you’re too lazy to take the scissors back to the office or the glue back to the craft area. There are many storage solutions to explore to unclutter that drawer.  They now offer nifty battery storage containers or you can even use a tackle box.  Life is so much easier when you can always find the item you’re looking for!  

6. Hang Measuring Cups

It’s so frustrating to be cooking a fabulous meal or baking your signature cookies, and you can’t find the measuring spoon you need. Instead of storing  them in a drawer, hang the measuring utensils on hooks on a cabinet door and keep that special spatula in a utensil caddy right on the countertop.  

This leaves the items you use frequently  right where you need them in easy-to-see ways so you can quickly grab what you need and return to cooking.  

storage option7. Ladder Shelves

Ladder shelves are a stylish way to show off decor, store items, and add a bit of height to your interior design. You can use this storage option in the kitchen in  place of a pantry or in the bathroom to store towels, bottles, or toilet paper. They come in various styles and colors, so you’re sure to find a solution that’s right for your aesthetic. 

8. Over-The-Door/Toilet Shelf

Bathrooms are notorious for never having enough storage options, especially in those smaller hall bathrooms for kids or guests. Over-the-door shelving can be a great way to store items up and out of the way. If you’re always forgetting to grab a towel before hopping in the shower, consider an over-the-door shelf in your bathroom

Similarly, over-the-toilet storage can optimize otherwise unused space in your home so you can get decluttered and more easily access your personal items.

9. Basket Storage

Blankets on the living room couch get used and tossed back onto the sofa, making the space feel messy. Instead, invest in a basket big enough to house all your blankets. Wicker baskets are especially attractive and can double as decor while storing your blankets. You can roll the blankets up to look extra fancy or toss them in when finished. This storage options keeps the blankets close when needed but preserves the look of a clean couch. You can also store your favorite book or magazines there.

storage option10. Wall-Mounted Electronics 

The living room is often home to a TV, gaming systems, and all sorts of electronics. All that technology comes with many cords and not-so-aesthetic boxes. Wall mounts for gaming consoles, DVD players, Apple TVs, and other devices is a fantastic storage option to hide those items out of the way and closer to the source, so it’s easier to conceal the wires and restore the clean and orderly home you’re trying to achieve.