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These Are the Kitchen Remodel Details That Matter, Don’t Leave Them Out

Undertaking a kitchen remodel is no small task and can quickly become overwhelming when faced with all the details. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Below might be four of the most essential elements of any kitchen remodel. We’re going to dive into each and give you the tools and information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. 

Lighting Your Kitchen

The lighting within your kitchen is not there to simply get you in and out of a space. As we’ve explored more in-depth in another article, Lighting Options: How to Create a Stunning Home Remodel with Lighting, excellent lighting design is all about layers. To boost your kitchen remodel’s functionality and beauty, you need to include all three of the different layers of lighting design. 

  • General Lighting
    • This lighting gets you in and out of a space and usually comes in the form of canned lights or recessed lights in the ceiling. 
  • Task Lighting
    • This type of lighting is placed strategically within the kitchen to assist with specific tasks such as over a sink for washing up or under-cabinet lighting for meal prep. 
  • Mood Lighting
    • While this type of lighting could be considered unnecessary, you might change your mind when you wake up in the morning and blind yourself while trying to make a cup of coffee. Mood lighting is typically on a dimmer and can set the mood or provide low light in these situations. 

lighting designThis kitchen here is the perfect example of all three lighting layers applied in just the right way to beautifully illuminate the space and make everyday tasks easier on the eyes. However, applying these lighting techniques can be hard without a professional’s help. Click here to get the help of our in-house designer to ensure your remodel has fantastic lighting design.

Storing Your Cooking Essentials

There are too many unique and customizable storage options to cover here, but the best way to create ample storage in your kitchen is to begin your research before the first hammer falls. As you prepare and begin the design phase of your kitchen remodel, start to notice how you use your kitchen. 

What special moves or tendencies do you have to work around the way your kitchen is designed? Is the utensil drawer too far from the dishwasher? Are all your pots and pans stacked and hard to get to without taking them all out? These are the types of issues you can address with storage options within your kitchen remodel. 

storage optionsHere is an excellent example of a more convenient pot and pan storage. Under the stovetop storage makes getting these cooking necessities easy and much less of a hassle. Drawer-style storage also creates an easier way to organize them. 

spice storageThis spice drawer makes finding the right spice quick and easy. No more moving and shuffling spices around to read the label or buying a second one thinking you were out. Here you can quickly see each label and grab what you need. 

small appliance storageKeep your countertops clear of clutter with this custom small appliance storage. Each appliance has its own parking spot and can be easily reached with the pull out drawers. Our clients even labeled them to ensure family members always returned them to their designated place. Genius!

Protective Yet Decorative Backsplash

Backsplash not only acts as a protective layer between your cooking projects and your wall, but it also serves as a decorative place in your kitchen where your style and personality can shine. With the almost endless amounts of tile size, shapes, and colors there are, choosing the right one for you can feel impossible. The best way to combat this overwhelm is to start by looking on Houzz, or Pinterest for kitchen remodels that you like. Once you’ve saved a few photos, you’ll be able to look through them and see the common elements. Maybe you chose kitchens with all square tile backsplashes, or perhaps they all have a bright red thrown in. This trick will help you narrow down what you do and do not like and make selecting a tile much more manageable. 

beige backplash

While many people take backsplash as an opportunity to bring a pop of color, others decide to let the backsplash stay neutral while another element in the kitchen shines. Here are two examples of each of these approaches. The bright blue is stunning and certainly is the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into the space. The beige backsplash is elegant and subtle, allowing for other kitchen elements to be the focus point.  blue backsplash

Whether you’re looking to remodel your whole kitchen or bring a little bit of freshness to the mix, these are important details to consider. Lighting can transform a space from okay to fantastic. Not just in looks, but in functionality as well. And no one ever asks for less storage in their kitchen. Figuring out which storage options will make life easier will bring your kitchen remodel to the next level. Lastly, deciding on the type of backsplash you want to incorporate into your kitchen will allow you to decide which tile you want without feeling like you’re going to drown in samples. 

Take these tips with you while you plan out the rest of your remodeling journey, and you’re sure to end up with the kitchen remodel of your dreams.

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