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The Important Differences of Sound Proof and Sound Dampening

There’s almost no telling how many Zoom meetings were held during the first year of COVID-19. Whether it was for work or catching up with friends, nearly all of us experienced the frustrations of video calls. While some of us are lucky enough to have a home office (or at least now we do!), some had to craft an office at the kitchen table or next to the exercise equipment in the basement. No matter where your new or existing home office is, you probably never noticed how many echoes there were until COVID.

Although the pandemic is getting better, and it seems there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon, working from home seems to be an option that’s sticking around. For those who need quieter space, sound damping or soundproofing options can make life easier.

zoom callsWhat is the difference between soundproof and sound dampening?

This discussion can quickly get bogged down with physics. To put it simply, soundproofing a room means the room will not allow any noise from the outside in—sound dampening reducing the amount of bouncing or echoes within the room.

Sound dampening means the room could be void of furniture, but there wouldn’t be an echo even if high heels walked across the hard floor. Some sound dampening products are acoustic wall panels, stretched fabric systems, acoustic ceiling systems, and acoustic baffles.

Soundproof products deal with the noises outside of the room and eliminate any leaking into the room. This means no lawnmowers, kid’s birthday parties, or thumping music will be heard while in the room. Soundproofing products are customized and typically need to be installed during construction. Some of those products are sound deadening drywall, mass loaded vinyl barrier, resilient sound isolation clips, and green glue, a vibration-dampening compound. Keep in mind that these soundproofing solutions can be more costly than sound dampening options and might require extensive remodeling or construction to install.

sound dampeningHow do you know which one you need?

The types of sound products you need will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish. For a home office, it’s assumed you’d like quiet for calls and to make concentrating on work easier. It’s hard to focus on projects when you can hear how much fun the kids are having. This would indicate that soundproofing might be the right solution for you.

In addition to that, if callers notice echoes during zoom calls, it might be wise to invest in a few sound-damping products as well. This typically isn’t a problem in home offices which tend to be smaller and filled with rugs, chairs, and desks that help with echos. However, to ensure calls are clear and free of any confusion or distractions, it’s better to be on the safe side.

With proper sound solutions, families can live and work within the home without having a video call and vacuum schedule. Kids can have fun without worrying about disrupting parents, and coworkers can connect without the stress of unwanted noise. If you need any help deciding which solution is right for you, or if you’re ready to start your project, contact us today.