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Testing for Lead in Home Remodeling

Today’s main topic is lead.  Recently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to make lead a major priority when it comes to home remodeling.  As of April 22, 2010 any house built prior to 1978 and is having renovation performed greater than 6 square feet MUST be tested for lead before work can commence.  Moreover, an EPA Certified Renovator is required to test.  If the test is positive only an EPA Certified Renovator is allowed to do the demolition work necessary and apply the proper protections in the home to avoid lead poisoning.  Also beyond that, only an EPA Certified Renovator is allowed to “clean up” after the demolition has occurred.  Rick Boyle my associate and I are both licensed EPA Certified Renovators and are qualified to perform this work.  This legislation will have a major cost impact on our industry, and the consumer.  So if you are thinking about doing some additional work in your home, or if you know someone that is planning some remodeling, please let them know about this.  Rick or I would be happy to guide them through this process.