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Our 6 Favorite Shower-heads You’ll Want in Your Bathroom Remodel

Walking into a plumbing showroom can be immediately overwhelming! There are endless amounts of showerhead options, and it can be hard to know where to start. Knowing what style or type of showerhead you’re looking for can help eliminate some of that shopping anxiety.

Here we’re going to talk about some of our favorite showerheads.

Hip to be Square

This stunning brushed nickel shower headset is not your average showerhead. The main head is square to give it that unique style flare. The matching temperature levers are beautifully designed to bring symmetry to the set. Alongside the main shower head and levers is another adjustable height handheld showerhead. This is perfect for customizing your showering experience to your specific needs. Handheld showerheads are also an excellent tool when bathing our furry friends! 










A Gold Moment for Showers

Another main shower, handheld shower combo! These are becoming increasingly more popular, and it’s easy to see why. The convenience and customizability of this combination makes it great for growing families or aging in place couples.

This eye-catching gold finish blends beautifully with the statement tile wall and shower door fixtures. If you’re looking for a unique statement piece in your shower, this just might be the showerhead for you.








A Luxurious Classic

Not only does this large polished chrome showerhead offer a gentle fall of water, but it also includes some body sprays for an optimal showering experience. The polished chrome is a classic look that fits wonderfully in traditional or more modern looks. Because of its diversity and overall appeal, this shower head is sure to check all the boxes.










Black is the New Black

Simple and to the point. The simplistic design of this matte black shower head is perfect when you want to get in and get out. Don’t get the wrong idea. This oversized shower head is luxurious and begs to be stood under for just one more minute!

Its temperature handle has a throwback vintage style that could fit seamlessly into a modern farmhouse style. The matte black finish is very trendy and super easy to keep clean of water spots or fingerprints.


A Spin on the Standard

Although this shower combination is very similar to the first on this list, it has some unique style choices that we couldn’t leave out. A round large main showerhead offers a rain-head like experience with all the pros of a standard showerhead. A brushed nickel finish brings a soft and inviting feeling to the shower, along with providing that adjustable handheld for the most customizable showering experience for you and your family.











Shower Massage Get-a-way

This simple showerhead might look like a classic piece; however, an up-close shot allows us to see all the ways this showerhead can adapt. It provides a massaging feature to your next at-home spa day. The soft finish is excellent at hiding water spots and fingerprints and lends itself to complimenting almost any design style.

The square temperate and control handles bring a little spice to the shower system and still blend with a classic style that will be stunning for years to come.

While this isn’t an extensive style list, it’s a great place to start to find out what you do and do not like. You can also feel more confident about your next selection trip and plow through that intimidating shopping anxiety!