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Lighting Options: How to Create a Stunning Home Remodel with Lighting

All the details of a home remodel come together to create a beautiful space, and lighting can make or break it. Incorrectly lighting a room can make it feel dull or dark. To avoid that, let’s dive into the aspects of lighting to consider before making your decision.

Types of Lighting

Lighting comes in many forms and can be divided into three categories. Each of these serves a purpose and will be applied in different ways. Excellent lighting design typically uses all three types in every room. Lighting your space in layers will give you a full range of options when flipping switches and setting the mood.

General Lighting

General lighting gets you in and out of a space. This typically is in the form of recessed lighting or large overhead lights. When you walk into a room and flip the switch, that’s the general lighting for that room.

sconce lights

Task Lighting

Task lighting is designed and placed precisely for a specific task. Whether that be under-cabinet lighting to help during meal prep or vanity lighting for morning routines, task lighting is a great way to make these everyday to-do’s easier.

Mood Lighting

Sometimes the light we use during the day can be too harsh at night when you snuggle down into your favorite chair. A soft light (typically on dimmers) is a form of mood lighting. Setting the mood for nightly relaxing can be made easier with this type of lighting.

Temperature of Light

Light’s warmth (or lack-there-of) is measured in Kelvins. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, light is either warm (orange in color) or cool (blue in color). This is also important to note when selecting your bulbs. A craft room could have all cool lights, while a living room has all warm. Mixings temperatures, however, can end up looking off.

Warm White

Warmer light can range from slightly warm to very warm. An orange glow can be great for mood lighting, and it can be terrible for task lighting. Depending on where it’s going, a warmer light can be great.

Cool White

Cooler light can sometimes look blue. This is great for craft rooms or kitchens, where precision is critical in the tasks being done.


Daylight bulbs do their best to imitate the same color as daylight. If the end goal is to have lighting you don’t notice, daylight will probably be your best bet.

Things to Consider

When thinking about the color of your light, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Surprisingly your hobbies might come into play. For example, if you collect art and love displaying it throughout your home, the light’s color can change the colors in a painting. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you’ll need to consider what lighting would best bring out the actual colors.

Fixture Style

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting (or canned lighting) are those bulbs that sit in the ceiling and provide fantastic general lighting. Again, these are probably on a switch that you flip right when you walk in.

Pendant Lighting

pendant light

Pendants are famous for hanging over those beautiful kitchen islands. However, they can also be great on either side of a bed or over a bathroom sink. Pendant lights come in a wide range of styles and designs.

Sconce Lighting

Usually found next to a bathroom mirror, in a theater room, or an entryway door, sconce lighting is a great way to provide soft lighting at eye level. Sconce lights can act as task lighting in a bathroom or mood lighting on a front porch.

Under-cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is extremely popular and for a good reason. Perfect for illuminating the counter while food prepping or making that morning cup of coffee. It’s also great for mood lighting, especially if put on a dimmer. Additionally, under-cabinet lighting will beautifully accent decorative backsplash. This type of lighting is a win-win.

Track Lighting

If you have a collection of art or movie posters that you want to showcase, track lighting might be an excellent option. Small fixtures on a track allow you to angle and move the lighting as needed to light up your prized pieces.

Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are fantastic for task lighting and sometimes general lighting as well. A knitting hobbyist might find the use of a floor lamp behind their chair the perfect lighting solution.

Table Lamp

Next to your bed or on an end table in the living room, a table lamp can provide the perfect amount of lighting for many occasions.

Cove or Soffit Lighting

Cove lighting and soffit lighting are placed behind or up into a cove or soffit. When turned on, it lights up that little corner and can be perfect for soft bedroom lighting. This is an excellent example of mood lighting.


Do not skip on the dimmers! No matter the type of lighting or light fixture, dimmers can be the perfect way to customize your lighting to fit every situation.


Although there is a lot to consider, lighting is something you’ll want to get right. With a little help from a professional designer and a look at your daily activities, you’re sure to get the proper lighting for you and your family.

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