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In-Cabinet Lighting: How to Add Life to Your Kitchen Cabinets

One of the secrets to achieving  a swoon-worthy kitchen remodel is by using in-cabinet lighting. This small detail can take your kitchen to the next level by adding highlights to the overall design. 

LED lightingCabinet Lighting Options

To light up the inside of cabinets, there are two types of lights available to choose from:

  • Tape/Strip Lighting
  • Puck Lighting

Both are good choices for different reasons. The goal is to determine  which is best for your particular situation. Let’s look at some of the design options to help you make an informed decision.   

cabinet lightingCabinet Construction Options

A cabinet with solid shelves will need different lighting than a cabinet with glass shelves. For solid shelved cabinets, strip or tape lighting would be required under each shelf or installed vertically around the inside of the cabinet frame. This design technique will ensure that the strip or tape light illuminates each shelf equally. 

For a glass-shelved cabinet, you still have the option to install lighting on every shelf. However, since the glass will allow light from above to filter down, installing a puck light at the top of the cabinet may be a better option. 

Light Temperature Options

Once lighting type/placement has been decided, it’s time to think about the temperature component. All lighting options have a wide range of warm and cool light tones, which can affect the appearance of your dishes or collectibles. To ensure the color of the light is best suited for your display items, it’s best to test it out before choosing. 

lighting switchSetting the Mood with Switching Options

A great way to create ambiance in a kitchen is by using dimmable lighting. By installing the   in-cabinet lights on a dimmer, they can create a peaceful and calming space for your nighttime or morning routines. You will still have adequate lighting but can avoid being blinded by the bright light.  

A Few Tips for Planning

If in-cabinet lighting is on your wish list, it’s best to begin planning for this option at the start of the design phase. Exploring your lighting design choices  and the number of lights and switches that will be needed ahead of time will ensure timely and smooth installation. It’s also important to consider your lighting options when initially selecting your cabinets. Some cabinet lines will need to be modified to accommodate in-cabinet lighting. Other custom cabinets may come equipped, but it is something to check before purchasing. Preparing and thinking ahead can set your project on the path to success. 

cost of lightingCost Considerations

Of course, the more custom options you choose will affect the cost of your project, both for the cost of the materials and the additional labor needed to wire and install them. However, these things can be figured out in advance,  so no one is surprised at the end with a larger than anticipated bottom line bill. 

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