room full of houseplants

8 Favorite Houseplants to Keep Your Home Cheerful During the Winter Months

As the days get shorter and the colorful leaves fall to the ground, the gray and cold winter seeps into Cincinnati. It’s often said that January and February are the longest months of the year because of the chilly air and monotonous landscape. Luckily, winter months outdoors don’t mean that you can’t have beautiful greenery indoors! Houseplants are a fantastic way to bring life and vibrancy into your space and feel close to nature even when the great outdoors isn’t so welcoming. Here are some favorite houseplants that are easy to care for and will bring stunning foliage into your home. 

pothos houseplantPothos

One of the most popular and common house plants is the pothos. This easy to grow plant comes in several varieties, but the two you see most often are the golden pothos and the marbled queen. Both are fantastic options for beginners, and even seasoned plant owners love these plants because of their stunning leaves, rapid growth, and vining properties. Pothos can be hung from a hook, climb a moss pole, or can even be trained to grow along your wall. Provided with bright indirect light and watering when the soil dries out, pothos will grow quickly. 

zz houseplantZZ Plant

The ZZ plants are nearly indestructible. They can survive in low light (though they prefer medium to bright indirect light) and can go without water for a long periods. If you travel a lot or habitually forget to water your plants, this is the perfect plant for you. They come in two popular colors, dark green and black. Their leaves are waxy, and their stems reach up and out as they grow larger. 

spider houseplantSpider Plant

You’re probably familiar with the spider plant or have seen pictures of them in magazines hanging in a line on elegant front porches. They were prevalent in the 1970s, and it’s easy to see why. They have pretty variegated leaves and produce adorable “baby spiders”that can be propagated in smaller pots to grow new plants! Spider plants look great sitting on a bookshelf or in a hanging pot. They also light bright indirect light, and like to dry out a bit between waterings, just don’t  wait too long.

monstera houseplantMonstera

The popularity of the monstera plant exploded back in 2016. These plants can grow massive heart-shaped leaves with interesting fenestrations (splits in the leaves). They come in a trendy white and green variegation that can sometimes be a bit expensive,  but even the non-variegated green variety is a beautiful plant to add to your home. They prefer more humid environments, but with regular watering, they’ll thrive  in the average home’s humidity level. If your bathroom has lots of light, this would be the perfect plant for the space. 

snake houseplantSnake Plant

The snake plant is a favorite among interior designers since its straight leaves lend themselves perfectly to modern design styles. They come in a wide range of heights, leaf thicknesses, and colors. Snake plants can go for extended periods without water and won’t mind being in a shadowy corner. However, if provided with ample light and regular watering, they will grow quickly and produce “pups” that can be left in the pot or divided to share with friends and family. 

peace lily houseplantPeace Lily

Even those who aren’t plant enthusiasts typically will recognize this beautiful plant. Their long leaves and iconic white flowers are elegant and complement almost any style of home. Although they require a bit more attention than other plants on this list, their beauty is worth the effort. Keep an eye on the leaves and water immediately as they begin to droop. They prefer high indirect light and can even handle a few hours of direct sunlight. 

air houseplantAir Plant

If you’re looking for something more unique, you might be interested in an air plant. They don’t grow in soil and are perfect for decorating tables in bowls and decorative holders like this one on Etsy. To water them, soak them in a bowl of water every few weeks and ensure they are exposed to bright indirect light. They can also handle, and even thrive, with a few hours of direct sunlight periodically. Air plants come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can find the perfect look for your personal aesthetic. 

african violet houseplantAfrican Violet

Bringing a splash of color to any space, the  African Violet is a pretty little flowering plant that goes perfectly on tabletops, nightstands, and end tables. As you can see in this care guide by Garden Betty, they come in jewel-tone purples and pinks, and their deep green leaves are slightly fuzzy. African Violets  prefer bright indirect light and like their soil to remain moist most of the time. To ensure the plant has enough water without overwatering it, you can invest in a moisture meter like this one on Amazon to help you accurately measure when your plant needs  water. 


House plants are an excellent addition to any home’s design, and it is very satisfying to care for them and watch them grow. House plants became increasingly popular during 2020 and 2021 as people were forced to spend more time inside their homes and craved the great outdoors. Jump on the bandwagon and bring a  few of these gorgeous plants into your life.