Balancing Function and Beauty in the Laundry Room

Laundry, unfortunately, is never-ending, but that doesn’t mean the laundry room has to be a depressing space in your home.  Today, we’ll discuss creating a functional and beautiful laundry room. You might even want to spend time there!

laundry roomLoads of Lighting

Laundry rooms are typically located in a small corner of the house or in the basement, which can sometimes make it difficult to work there.  Adequate lighting is crucial in these areas and you can add multiple types of lighting if there are no windows in your laundry room. General lighting creates a bright space to move through, while task lighting can help you see what you’re doing when trying to remove those stubborn stains or iron a shirt properly. A once dreary space can become warm and inviting with the correct lighting.

laundry roomBold Built-In Storage

You need many tools to launder your clothes properly, including detergent, softeners, stain removers, irons, and more. This requires adequate storage, which most laundry areas lack.  Without proper storage, you end up with a cluttered, messy area with items stacked haphazardly.  This also can result in unnecessary buying when you can’t find the items you need.  

Built-in storage can be a great way to personalize your laundry room and ensure there’s room for all your favorite laundry needs.. It creates a cohesive look that is attractive, clean, and uncluttered.

laundry roomFunctional Folding Space

What happens to your laundry after it is sorted, treated, and laundered?  Most of the time spent on laundry duty is folding, and few laundry rooms t have a dedicated space for folding large loads. When redesigning your laundry room, take time to consider how design might aid your laundry chores.  Intentionally creating a space specifically for folding your laundry can make your life easier by allowing you to complete the task in the same room instead of it going on your bed or the floor.   No more going to your bedroom after an exhausting day and realizing you never folded that pile of clothes!  

A drop-down table top that folds down when needed is a great way to optimize space in smaller spaces without sacrificing workspace.

laundry roomDon’t Shy From Design

Of course, the laundry room isn’t an area of the home where guests are likely to visit, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful as well as functional.  Don’t shy away from including details that will bring your personality and taste into the space. Artwork, bright colors and patterns, and decorative lighting can all be ways to brighten the space and make it a place you won’t dread spending time in. The laundry might never end, but with these tips, you can transform your laundry room into a space you might include on your next home tour!