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Aging-In-Place / Universal Design

This “Universal Design” standard refers to the design of spaces and elements in a home that can be usable by all people whether aging, with a disability or not. In other words, if you become disabled, but your spouse/family are not, the design elements of your home can still be utilized by all.

Aging-in-place means living in your home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age, disability, or condition that would normally require you to leave your home and go into an assisted-living or healthcare facility.

Are you wondering how to incorporate some aesthetically pleasing designs into your home projects? Below are several ideas of many from the “Aging-In-Place Design Checklist” which might be suited to your needs.

  • Having an accessible way to access your home in the event of a disability.
  • Low maintenance interior and exterior finishes.
  • Having doorways and areas in your home which are wheelchair friendly.
  • Bathroom designs which are accessible according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as a guide.
  • Wall supports/handrails added in key locations.
  • Kitchen cabinetry lowered with pull-outs and lazy susans added.
  • Multi-level work areas to accommodate cooks of different heights.
  • Laundry areas updated with Front loading washer/dryers and lowered shelving/cabinets.
  • In multi-story homes, adding a laundry chute or laundry facilities in master bedroom/bathroom.
  • Stairways, Lifts, and Elevators added for ease in second-floor accessibility.

If you are interested in making your home more accessible, or would like to know more information about Aging-in Place / Universal designs, please contact Creative Contracting, Inc. at 513-242-5000 to speak with our Certified CAPS specialist.

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