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6 Design Ideas to Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious

Designing a space with luxury in mind will result in lavish materials and a decadent ambiance that’s sure to lull you to sleep. Unfortunately, the bedroom often doesn’t receive  as much attention as the kitchen and bathroom. While kitchen remodels are definitely exciting, our bedrooms are one of the most vital rooms in the home. It’s our personal sanctuary, where we can retreat from the often hectic and demanding  world and rest and recharge. To get a good night’s rest and enjoy spending time in your bedroom, it’s crucial to  create a space that’s warm, inviting, and reflects your style. Maybe some of these tips and tricks will transform your bedroom into a space you’ll be proud to  add to your home tour when guests come around!

bedroom lightingAdd a Hanging Light

Most homes have the same type of light fixture in the bedrooms – flush mount dome lights.  While they serve the purpose of illuminating the space, they aren’t that attractive and definitely don’t fit the luxury vibe you’re trying to achieve. Try, Instead, a hanging light or chandelier. A chandelier is a classic, elegant, and upscale option. If you’re looking for a more modern look, you could consider these lights from Etsy user Rafat Lights. Both options will look much better than the standard bedroom light, and you can also consider adding a dimmer to the switch to  help set the mood. 

bedroom pillowsFluffy and Textured Pillows (Lots of Them!)

Sure, it’s funny to poke fun  of women and their pillows, but an abundance of pillows brings a feeling of comfort and luxury. Hotels have large,  fluffy pillows for that same reason. Of course, you can go overboard, but a tasteful amount of pillows can make your bed more inviting and  comfortable to lounge on  while you relax.  

Search for comfy pillows to snuggle with while adding color and texture to the space. These pillows by Juspurbet have a unique texture and come in 13 colors. In addition, they have a more modern design, so if you’re looking for something more vintage, you might like these floral pillows by Etsy maker Ikki Treasures.

The fun part about decorative bed pillows is their flexibility. Since they are relatively small, you can store them away and invest in seasonal pillows, so the look of your bedroom is constantly changing. 

bedroom wall decorPersonal and Trendy Wall Decor

When you’re excited and proud of a piece of wall art, it’s natural to want to display it prominently in your  home where both you and your visitors can enjoy it. However, that might mean you’ve deprived your bedroom of some beautiful decor. The bedroom is the perfect spot for more personal wall art, such as these personalized portrait pieces by Etsy maker Puno Prints. Or, if you’re looking for texture and softness, you could consider a macrame item like these by Etsy maker Ikki Treasures. Wooden geometric art is ideal for modern styles, and these by Lilium Wall Art are beautiful. All these makers have various styles, patterns, and options for these types of art pieces. You’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your personal aesthetic. 

bedroom house plantsAdd Life with houseplants

Assuming you have enough natural light in your room, adding houseplants can compliment any space. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also healthy for you. We recently wrote a whole post about our favorite house plants! Not only are the plants themselves pretty, but the variety of pots you can find online and in stores add another layer of design. You can choose the traditional and classic  terra cotta or find something more unique like these golden hanging ones or this Japanese Satsuma peacock planter

If you can’t keep a houseplant alive due insufficient sunlight or lack of a green thumb, you can opt for faux  plants. The quality of these amazingly realistic  plants has increased significantly  and with the proper lighting and pots, you can make them look just as good as their real counterparts. Nearly Natural are experts in the field! Or you could opt for these adorable macrame leaves

bedroom nightstand organizerStyle the Useful Nightstand

There’s likely a jumble of personal and functional items collected on your nightstand. You may find hand cream, a book or tablet, chargers, jewelry, and maybe a cup of water or some medication. Getting ready for bed and waking up in the morning sometimes requires a lot of tools to make it easier. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice form and design over function. With the right nightstand and functional decor, you can transform that space into both a useful and attractive corner of the room. 

Are their books lying on their face around your house because you can never find a bookmark? This nightstand bookholder solves the problem and looks nice while doing it. Need a spot where all your essentials can be organized? Consider this personalized wooden valet for your watch, wallet, keys, and phone. 

bedroom curtainsWindow Treatments

One of the easiest ways to make a space feel more luxurious is by adding beautiful window treatments. Elegant drapes or curtains can instantly add drama to the bedroom. Always try to invest  in high-quality curtains and draperies to ensure you are able to achieve the refined look you want.   It’s also important  to find window treatments that are weighty enough to fall correctly without needing an extraordinary amount of support. 

These cotton velvet curtains by west elm are stunning, and the camel color is a warm tone that will help set the mood. Combine these with blackout shades, and you’ve got a space that can transform any time of day. 

If you’re looking for more texture and color, you might like these yellow lace curtains from Target. Lace and curtains might make you think of your grandma’s curtains, but there are plenty of modern designs that cast a nod to the past while still keeping up with current trends. Always  make sure you have chosen a good color pallet before you begin shopping for curtains.