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5 Ways to Improve and Optimize Your Outdoor Space

That wonderful fresh smell is in the air! Spring is here, and Summer is just around the corner. Now is the time we typically look at our outdoor living areas and plan how we can make improvements.

Here are five tips on optimizing your outdoor space so that you can relax and enjoy your time in the sun.  

outdoor spaceChoose Chairs You Actually Want to Sit In

If your current outdoor furniture isn’t inviting, it’s no wonder you prefer the comfort of your couch. Those metal patio chairs, while easy to maintain, can be pretty uncomfortable.  Opt for comfy and welcoming chairs and sofas that invite you to sit and stay awhile.   Picture yourself sinking into a plush outdoor chair, sipping a glass of wine, and losing yourself in a good book. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to unwind? 

For those summer weekends when the sun is too hot, you could add an element of shade, either with a stunning shade tree, an awning or an umbrella, to keep everyone comfortable and out of the blistering heat. 

outdoor spaceIncorporate Lighting to Use the Space at Night

If the sun sets before you have the opportunity to go outside, you should also consider updating your exterior lighting. Installing beautiful lighting will not only enhance the ambience of your area but you will be able to see clearly.  This will make your evenings after dinner more enjoyable, enticing you to spend them outside rather than in front of the television. The added safety component and reassurance of well-lit surroundings are just a bonus. 

outdoor spaceHave a Spot for Food and Drinks

Remember that glass of wine we talked about earlier? Another thing to consider are the other important pieces needed to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable.  Pair that comfortable chair or sofa with a lovely little table for drinks (or a larger table for a snack board) or consider a small footstool or hassock to prop up your feet. With snacks, drinks, and comfortable seating, you may never go inside!  You might also consider incorporating a small beverage refrigerator in your design to keep drinks close by and perfectly chilled during those warm summer nights. 

outdoor spaceCreate a Fun Area for Kids to Play

If you have smaller children in your family, you could also consider a small activity area just for them so they can play while you relax.  .  There are many options available for outdoor fun; a sandbox,, swing set or playstation will allow them to stay busy and enjoy being outside.  They will also get a break from the screen while giving you the added enjoyment of watching them and creating happy memories.  s. 

outdoor spaceConsider an Outdoor Kitchen 

For those who love spending time outside and entertaining guests, you might want to consider an outdoor kitchen. Obviously, this is a much larger project than simply adding more comfortable seating to your deck, but it can be rewarding and dramatically change the way you can utilize your outdoor space.  Incorporate a grill station into the design, and you’ll be the house everyone wants to go to for summer parties!