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5 Remodeling Tips That Could Save Money On Your Energy Bill

If you are planning on remodeling your home in the near future, you should also consider how you can optimize the remodel for your energy usage. Energy-saving techniques and upgrades  can not only reduce your environmental footprint, but  can save you significant money on your energy bill. 

Let’s go over five ways to improve your energy usage and maybe save you money.

energy billUpdate Your Appliances to Energy Star Rating

Kitchens and bathrooms are popular rooms within your home you may want to remodel, but they can also be the most costly.  Plumbing, appliances, and all the intrinsic details can be overwhelming, but many opportunities exist to improve your energy usage.

For example, appliances having an Energy Star rating tell you how efficient they are. The more efficient the appliance, the less energy it will use to operate, which means a lower energy bill.

energy billReplace Your Windows 

During those hot and humid Cincinnati summers or icy cold winters, replacing the windows in your home may be a wise investment.  Not only will you add resale value to your home and reduce your energy bill by upwards of 15% per month, it makes sense to replace them if you’re considering an extensive remodel.   Older homes especially will benefit in reducing the energy your heating and cooling system expends during those extreme temperatures.

energy billImprove Roof Insulation and Efficiency

If you are considering a roof upgrade, it’s essential to consider various insulation options. Traditional oriented strand board is a prevalent type of thermal radiant barrier sheathing, but there are new alternatives that can further mitigate the amount of heat that seeps into your home’s interior. These new roof underlayment barriers offer weather resistance on both sides, are more moisture-resistant, and limit thermal conduction and convection more effectively than foil-backed OSB.

energy billEnsure HVAC is Ideal For the Home

Your HVAC system usually accounts for nearly half of your energy bill. Even though upgrading an entire HVAC system can be costly, it is definitely still worth considering updating your system if it is 12 years or older. You can save a significant amount on your energy bill, which will help offset the cost.  

energy billUpgrade to Smart Energy Products

There are so many smart home products on the market today. Technology allows you to monitor nearly everything in your home from your smartphone! This allows you to review and adjust your energy usage as the weather and your daily needs fluctuate.   Many of these products offer automatic scheduling settings to make it simple to change to adapt to your lifestyle.  . Integrating these systems into your design can be much easier while you’re already remodeling.  Using the tips outlined above will ensure you a more energy-efficient home, and save you money in operating costs into the future.